Bioparnon Herbs

The humankind, from the first years of its existence, realized that, Mother Nature is a whole world of offer in survival and in health. The World Health Organization, after years of research, has come to the conclusion that all over the world, over than 80% of population.

BioParnon company was established in 2013 after a decade of research. That is to say, it develops in the field of the growth and the trading of herbs which provide human body with healing and vital benefits.

The growth of aromatic herbs, such as oregano, chamomile, thyme, savory, balm (or balsam), lavender and osier is divided in two sections:

  • The first is the human factor: our company is composed by well-educated growers who are in cordial with nature and respect the plants.
  • The other is technology: biological plantation is a special and demanding process, so for an excellent harvest is required highly technological equipment.

In addition to the growth of herbs, our company proceeds with distillation of essences. Our company has its seat in Astros Kynourias but our fields with the plantations are located to the community of Vourvoura, in the foot of Parnonas Mountain, in the location named ‘Zygos’ and expanded to an area of 150 acres.

‘Mother Nature’ knows better than human how to grow and protect its plantations. We respect and conform to that. Consequently, we make no use of insecticides and pesticides. Our herbs keep their quality, their nutrients, their flavor and of course their excellent taste and smell, since they have no chemical substances.

For our organic plantations, our company ‘BIOPARNON’ has been certified by ‘VIOMA ESTATE’ company. Apart from this, our company ‘BioParnon’ has been certified for our fields and the way we cultivate and collect our herbs, by ‘DIO’ Company, an Inspection and Certification of Organic Products Organization.

If it were not for BioParnon company, you would not have provided yourself with the benefits and vigor you need. Nature provides you with the appropriate supplies!

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