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The name ‘Oregano’ derives from the Greek terms ‘oros’ which means mountain and ‘ganos’ which means brilliance, brightness, beauty. In other words, so appreciable was oregano for ancient Greeks that they thought that oregano made the mountains glow.

It is not surprising that, Hippocrates, an illustrious ancient Greek doctor, was accustomed to choose oregano for the treatment of many diseases, while nowadays Oregano is used:

  • For the treatment of colds and intense cough.
  • For stomachaches and pains from poisoning.
  • For the combat of inflammations.
  • For the facilitation of digestion.
  • While simultaneously it has anticancer and antifungal action.

The quality of oregano depends on two main factors::

  • Altitude and climate conditions.
  • Drying methods and practices.

Oregano thrives on a great number of Greek mountains. However, ‘BioParnon’ company chose Parnonas Mountain in order to cultivate oregano, because scientific measurements proved that, this mountain has the appropriate conditions for the growth and maintenance of oregano.

Its elaboration with a view to producing essence is enacted with caution and with the use of highly technological equipment so as to provide you intact the nourishments of oregano.

Many people are wondering what is that which makes the Greek oregano so special.

The answer is obvious. Oregano essence, to put it another way, the extract of oregano is the basis for the treatment of many diseases. Undoubtedly, the feature that makes oregano essence outstanding is its high content in carvacrol and thymol, two especially significant components for the human body.

Our methodical endeavor for the best quality of oregano has already been recognized by many people. Indeed, people who try oregano essence, point out thatit is the aroma of the authentic Greek oregano with flavor so intense that it numbs the end of your tongue, especially when it is fresh. As a result, it is used in many food recipes giving a strong taste, a distinctive scent and a unique quality which hardly can you find. Also, they add that:

  • It relieves from diseases such as atherosclerosis.
  • It calms your nerves. Clinical studies have shown that people, who suffer from anxiety disorders, can relax having a drink which contains a few drops of oregano essence.
  • It is able to treat pulmonary diseases. Asthmatics, principally people who suffer from allergic asthma, are recommended to have a drink which consists of a small quantity of oregano essence for the treatment of dyspnea.
  • It relieves from the feeling of fatigue, as it has a stimulating action.
  • Another advantage of oregano is that, it faces gastritis, chronic cough, bladder and kidney’s infections, warts, skin wounds, eczemas and insect bites.

The solution is found in nature. So, ‘BioParnon’ company does its best in order to bring the products of nature intact to you!

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