The humankind, from the first years of its existence, realized that, Mother Nature is a whole world of offer in survival and in health. The World Health Organization, after years of research, has come to the conclusion that all over the world, over than 80% of population.

Did you know that nature has a magnificent way to treat the 65% of human diseases that infects our health? Technology’s development has succeeded many accomplishments in the fields of medicine and treatment, helping people improve their health of life.

Parnonas Mountain is extending in the largeness area of Peloponnese. It is also named as ‘Malevos’. At ancient times it was named as ‘Cronion Mountain’, because according to Greek mythology, the mountain was dedicated to the great Titan ‘Croms’ (Saturn).

BioParnon based on the principles of organic farming. The plant that is from the seed to harvest fed exclusively from natural soil nutrients without using chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

The products of BioParnon be found in selected food stores in Greece, Europe and worldwide. Mentioned below your map some of the European cities you can buy our products.