Bioparnon Laurel

Laurel is a green shrub that thrives across the Mediterranean region and it was being used for various purposes during the centuries.

The interesting story about Laurel

An ancient Greek legend mentions that Laurel was a beautiful nymph and the daughter of river Pinios. She lived in the woods, she loved hunting and she had dedicated her life to goddess Artemis. She was extremely beautiful and she had a good many admirers. Even though, she rejected them all. One of them was the god Apollo, who fell in love with Laurel and he chased her. Then, Laurel ran close to her father and asked for him to protect her. So, Pinios transformed her into a shrub, which took root near its banks. When Apollo found out that his lover had been transformed into a shrub, he cut some branches and wove a hoop in her memory. He made Laurel sacred plant and he established her as a price for champions.


It is an evergreen small tree or shrub. Its leaves are dark green with a small stem and a wavy shape. The fruit has a big pericarp and a large seed.

Laurel is extremely appreciable for people.

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